Book Marketing: Doing What It Takes To Sell Your Book

Your book is not guaranteed to sell just because it is new or you believe it is a great novel. If people are not aware of your book, it won’t be a success. This is why your book requires an excellent advertising and marketing processes to back it up.

Marketing Drives

Marketing takes consistent action, planning, and organization; it is a difficult work. But the good side of it is that advertising helps to foster relationships and connections, which may be profitable to you and your fan base.

And since you are the one that knows the reason for writing the book and who your perfect audience is, it is absolutely your responsibility to work out a plan to best link up with your intended readers.

As an author, marketing and selling your book may appear difficult after so much work done in writing, editing, proofreading, and getting the book ready for publication. But know that if you don’t market your book, fewer people will read it and this may hinder its success and can also affect other books you plan to release in the future.

There are too many books released each year, more than a million in the US alone. So to depend on fate or destiny, publishers or maybe, sweet talk to help your book get the attention it merits, may be a bad idea.

Here are few steps you can use in marketing your book and help it get the viewing and hearing it deserves:

Discover your community

Most authors assume that everybody in the globe will really be after reading their book. The first thing when planning to market your book is to pay attention to those who will definitely read your book. You have to try as much as possible to be more specifical in this regard. Divide and ascertained your target audience.

You may target seniors in college if you wrote about careers after college. Also, in case your book is about new developments in IT, you would possibly target the heads of IT departments of some main organizations.  And so on. Just be sure to know who really will read your book.

Know what the community do – Join those activities

After figuring your community, check what they do, where are they doing it, what they read, how are they reading it, what their largest celebrations are, and so forth.  How will you connect with them?  Do they meet at gatherings? It’s time to get innovative and know how you can fit in your book to their community. The concept is to know more about your community.

Create an appealing book cover that entices readers

It’s important to sell your story and idea graphically and visually to the potential readers, even before they read your title. Therefore, having a great looking book cover, even if you’re only selling online is an important part of any marketing campaign!

Build a website for your book

Many writers assume they probably don’t need a website due to the fact they can sell their books via social media or the writer platform on Amazon.

Dear author, there is a big difference between having your own author website and renting a part of a property. Having your own website with your domain name is like owning a piece of real estate but when rent, you are staying in another person’s space and it may be canceled or lease out anytime they wish.

Having your own website gives you great benefits when marketing your book because you can:

  • Publish blogs about the next book you want to release.
  • Publish the landing page of your book on your website.
  • Add some sample episodes from your book.
  • Generate a countdown timer for the release date of your book.
  • You can also get a commission from your book sales by setting up an affiliate link from your website to your Amazon page.
  • Talk directly to those who subscribe to your email about any new book you release or your present blog post.
  • Link to videos about your book. And so many more.

These are just some of the many benefits of having a great webdesign or theme for your book, publishing company or other related info.

Make use of Social Media sites

Social media is one of the great ways to market your book to a target audience. You can interact with a lot of people just by using hitting some buttons.

But with so many social media platform, you may be lost trying to match up with everybody. This is why we advise you choose a few social media sites when marketing your book and put up your content frequently to those two platforms. This is because it will make your book look fresh and help get new people to check out your work.

For instance, you may have a YouTube channel and post videos weekly. You can accumulate a library of content after some months, have interaction with new subscribers and may even produce a course out of these videos.

You may also sell your book through the use of Facebook ads that will enable get new readers to your book’s website or Facebook page. You can also publish popular snippets or quotes of material from the book you are about to produce.

Twitter is also one of the most effective platforms to market or promote your book. With Twitter, you can write short messages or quotes below 280 characters many times a day. Also, you can put a brief excerpt of your upcoming book.

In case your book is more business-centered, LinkedIn may be the best for you because it makes you link up with new readers on a more expert platform.

Build Your Email List

You will have heard the saying that says: “the money is in the list.” Why? This is because a list of fans that loves your writing will be the first set of people to buy when you have a new book to sell. These people are basically your clients.

If you are really want to market and promote your present book and other future books, then, you must make building your list a top priority. Nothing else is better. Your email list is yours, you control what you want to say, the way you say it, and also when you say it.

Even though building a list may take time, but in the end, it is the best and easiest way to market.

Reach Out to Influencers

When it comes to promoting your book, influencers remain the biggest impact. But who really is an influencer? Influencers can be bloggers, podcasters, or writers with solid email lists.

An influencer is someone who has an established platform and has great publicity weight and can help you promote your book to a lot of people by just mentioning it on their blog, to their email list, or by sharing on social media platforms.

Try to identify the influencers in your area of interest and reach out to them. Inform them about who you are and ask them if they can assist in promoting your new book. Also, guest posting on an influencer’s blog is also a way to market your book.

Irrespective of which marketing steps that sound best to you, understand that deciding on a couple of these strategies and implementing them frequently is vital to increase book profits.

Use these steps for marketing your book, and you will be a best seller soon.