Book Cover Designs Premade

Covers For Your Next Physical or Electronic Book

Beautifully crafted book cover designs for both physical books as well as eBooks, with sizes optimized for Kindle and Amazon stores in particular and with additional social media campaign material to go along with it.

  • We create a variety of great images, illustrations and other graphical art to supplement the book cover and create a pleasing work of art.
  • We work with typography at the forefront of our principles, and use marketing techniques to ensure the contrast and font used will work will on both display shelves as well as the internet.
  • We offer a large selection of creative backgrounds to somber mood boards, and you can without a doubt find something you’ll like here.
  • All of our book covers are designed to be used for both Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, and other e-readers, as well as for eBooks and self publishing.
  • If you can’t find exactly what you need, chances are we can make it happen within just a few days, especially if you have seen something on our site that you can use as a reference or starting point.

Custom Design

We also offer to design your ebook cover or hardback book cover using your own photographs or grahpics, but you will have to deliver at minimum of 2000×2000 pixels worth of image if our guarantee of excellent quality when printed has to stand firm.

All the covers you see are unique and designed in-house by one of our book cover designers, and whenever one is sold it is permanently removed from the store, so you can rest assured no other book will have that exact cover!

We make it possible for self publishers to obtain publishing house level quality

Enticing users into clicking on your product on Amazon, or luring people down in the bookstore to choose your book over the hundreds of others on the shelves has very little to do with your words unfortunately. People won’t know how great a book you’ve written, if they don’t find it visually appealing and open it up. Unfortunately many people judge books by their covers, and so your first impression needs to make an impact! Read our 12 step plan to self-publish a book successfully!

We make it easy to run an online marketing campaign with extra materials ready for social media

By providing optimal sizes for most of the popular marketplaces and social media sites, we make it super easy to share beautiful content ready to be shared with your network. Whether you’re advertising or just sharing a few eBooks for free, our packages help you get there!

Cover design of a book

Everyone knows the importance of a book or magazine cover, the cover is one of the key factors for selling books, so that designing the cover of a book is not an easy task. This is
the first message the reader sees, the first impression. The covers of the books are designed using the image as a resource of “attraction” to persuade the buyers and readers of their

“Do not judge a book by its cover “, however, who has not ignored on occasion that old saying, tempted to read a book by its outward appearance?
Human beings are largely governed by visual stimuli, and this is something that is reaffirming in the age of social networks and online communication, from large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Telegram, Twitter and the great quantity of photos, gifs and videos that are published.

In the publishing world, currently a cover design is what makes people turn to view, browse and purchase a publication. Increasingly, designers who focus on this area, doing work that is creative, original and care so that it is recognized and applauded by the consumer.

When working on a project, each factor is determinant in the outcome and achievement of the project. Therefore, that when you do write a book and I want to publish, you can neglect any
detail, because that inevitably you can throw away all the effort that you have made. The covers tend to give clues about the style, the genre and the theme of the book, although others take the design to the limit with the hope of attracting sales, that is why in this section we give you some tips so you can design your cover as best as possible.

How to design the cover of your book?

  • Before you begin to design the cover of the book​, the information, the colors, the figures, and all the details you place should go in context with the information in the book. The cover must make the reader enter into the genre of reading, if the book is of drama, action, romance, informative, sporting, musical, artistic, historical, must introduce the reader in the idea of the writer, as if he gave a clue of what will come next.
  • Knowing the previous point, it is important to note that if you only take care of designing the cover, read the book and you can identify the genre of the book, the theme of the book, the main ideas, and all its features so you can design the cover taking into account the content of the reading.
  • Another important point is the creativity and inspiration you have to design the cover of the book​, that would not only read the book, but also external factors, images that you see on the street, in the environment and in your environment can give you an idea to design the portad in that case you have to be very visual and very retailers with our environment and take advantage of it.
  • Evaluate the ideas that come to your mind is important to solve a problem, but if what you want is to give an original idea (how to design a book cover) you must learn to eliminate the rules of logic and let thought flow without stopping to think how logical it is. While fewer restrictions put you your ideas, more creative will be. Remember that we are trying to sell a book and try to draw attention.
  • In addition to the image, the letters you choose to put on the cover should be them indicated, there are many sources but they will not do all the work, labeling must be in conjunction with the image, place them in the correct position where the idea of the image not to hide but tam little to pass unnoticed.
  • It is very helpful and also works to inspire, wander through bookstores, physically or online, to see as other writers and designers have their covers. Following good examples always help.
  • Another idea that can be taken into account is to make several drafts of all the ideas that you come in mind. Whenever you have any idea to design and choose the cover of the book, put it in a paper, designs, creates and and guard so you can have it as a choice of many, and that way if you other ideas in mind, take them out and guards to the end of the period of time you have to design the correct cover make one for all your ideas.
  • Make sure that the final product cover is clearly and legibly at different resolutions, if it comes to succeed the book, you’re much publicity in media, social networks, television, and will be very recommended, so it must be good in different sizes.
  • Your cover check is how when it becomes in miniature, because that is how it is going to be on the web. Is the attractive cover in a small size? Increasingly there are more people who buy books on a Kindle device or mobile phone, so the deck has to read clearly in all sizes. It is also convenient to check how it looks in a grayscale cover. It is in this case not an ebook, it is a real book, but if it should succeed the only way that can be placed on the market is through social networks and multimedia networks, it is important to take account of this point for that reason.
  • Though it may be hard, try to create three different covers. Then gathers a group of at least three regular readers of the genre in which it encompasses your novel and introduce your creations. It goes without saying that you have to be receptive to their suggestions. Listen to their opinions, can that they prefer clearly some of the designs, can they attract them different elements of each proposal: typography, color.

Trying to collect the elements that have liked in a new proposal. At the end, you will notice with the perfect cover.

For lovers of reading, nothing like coming home and disconnect with a good book. Reading opens up new lives, new cultures and new ways of feeling. Therefore to design a good cover
for a book is not easy, since it is the entrance to an unknown world.