Book Reviews

Welcome to our book reviews website, where you will also find an array of information – ranging from lists of famous authors and novels, to high quality book cover designs that are ready to be sold at stores at anytime. Read on to learn more about the different services and articles you can find on our website:

Book Reviews

If you’re an author, or if you’re working as an agent, publisher or similar, we might be able to review your book if you meet a few requirements. We review most books in the following sections, each with their own dedicated reviewer, passionate about that specific genre. We review everything from childrens books and short stories, to 700 pages long fantasy lore.

There are quite a few benefits of having your book reviewed, and for marketing purposes alone, a single good review can make or break your book’s success. We do not claim to have any real sway in the area, yet, but we’re working on becoming a strong and independent media with a voice well wearth listening to, and your book will be shared on our social media pages, as well as on our blog. We provide a cover quote designed to be used on books if you wish for that option also.

Since we are not just a book review site, but also blog about other aspect of books, our audience is ideal for marketing purposes and inspiration as these people are real buyers of books, and we know our customers well. We provide visibility, and we mention both your name and the book’s title on any content we produce, so you will get maximum exposure for the book.

Included in our package is outreach to media websites for publishing reviews and mentions, to further enhance the digital space you will conquer. But please note that we can never guarantee your book will be positively reviewed by our reviewers, and in that case we will send our full review to you, before letting you decide whether we should publish and promote it. Also note that we get a lot of submissions for free ebooks, and we are now charging $150 to review your book, regardless of what it costs.

Bookdriven is created by self-publishers for other like minded individuals

For indie book authors and newcomers to the world of self-publishing, there are only so many routes one can go before getting lost in the jungle of advertisment costs and return on investment potential. We know that you just wish to create the best story you can write, and we’re here to help you with that. Our website features a number of resources, ranging from graphics to in-depth blog posts and top lists concerning all that revolves around the book world. If you like writing, you’re at the right place!

We bring the graphical element into storytelling

If you consider publishing your own book, whether it is fiction and steamy hot romance, or a non-fiction work related to a study or perhaps a diet plan, our expert designers and marketers will put their heads together and create a stunning package ready to go, complete with branding identity and book covers. We can work closely with your wishes and with our own experience of self publishing we might be able to help alleviate some of the workload that writing, editing, designing, marketing and selling your book can encompass. Whether you wish to use print on demand, physical hardcopies and paperback, or only exist in the digital world, we got you covered with designs that are well suited for all display screens, and look just as fine on print!